The proof is in the pudding

We pride ourselves on making people feel better so they can live better, and live better so they can feel better. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about Holzmacher Chiropractic:

Name: Cinda M.

Hometown: Springfield, IL

Having back issues in the past, I was able to correct them; however, this past July (2013) I had severe lower back pain and sciatic nerve issues that stopped me from doing even the simplest activities (getting out of bed, sitting, or much else) for 4 weeks.

Since Rodney has adjusted my back (1½ weeks), I am able to do those activities pain-free and am feeling better daily and believe that within the next week I will be totally back to normal.

I highly recommend him (and have, to many) to anyone having any back issues/pain and any other medical issues. I feel a miracle was performed and appreciate the relief Rodney provided to me and am glad he was recommended to me by a friend.


Name: Pat M.
Hometown: Springfield, IL
You have helped me so much, Dr. Rodney, and your treatments and your personality are wonderful! You always have a smile and a warm welcome- you don’t pressure us (me) into anything. These are all “gifts” that you share with your patients and that’s what makes for a wonderful doctor. I share with others how you’ve helped me, so your name is “out there.” 🙂 You are an asset to your field! Thanks again!!


Name: Robert S.
Hometown: Springfield, IL
I am at the advanced age of 91 and came in for Chiropractic treatment even as an elder.  I have experienced good treatment and adjustments. They have made my daily comfort level so much better. I do not wish to abandon the progress I have made thus far.  My older muscles have responded to your treatments and has been a very noticeable benefit in my attitude.  I can report weekly benefits and the treatments have improved my overall ability to walk and go up and down the stairs in our home.


Name: Bernice S.
Hometown: Springfield, IL
My experience from your service in Chiropractic is the best. I have had so much help from your treatments, I would recommend you to others and I have; those people are pleased with your treatments and have told others also.


Name: Trudy M.
Hometown: Salem, IL/Springfield, IL
I have been under chiropractic care for many years & have felt the most progress has been made in the 3 months I have been under Dr. Rodney’s care. He listens and tries to fix the issue long term and not just adjust for a short term fix.


Name: Willard D.
Hometown: Springfield, IL
I am 89 years old and due to a fall I was suffering such severe pain in my back and pelvic area that I could barely get around (even used a walker at times). My son referred me to Dr. Holzmacher for Chiropractic Treatment.  Dr. Holzmacher relieved some of the pain during the first treatment and in less than 30 days I was up and walking freely with no pain. He also eased a pain in my shoulder by 80-90% in this same timeframe.

Dr Holzmacher also treated my 66 years old son for back and hip pain and gave him some relief with the first treatment and then total relief. So no matter what your age, if you need pain management for your joints or muscles I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Holzmacher. “You have nothing to lose but the pain.”


Name: Alice M.
Hometown: Springfield, IL
For many years I was leery of chiropractic treatment. I have experienced severe headaches for many years. I received treatment from many medical professionals, a Neurologist, general practitioners, ENT specialist, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections and the elimination of certain food. None of these treatments worked for me.

After hearing Dr. Holzmacher’s radio ads, where he explained his experience with headaches as a young child, I decided to try Chiropractic treatment. I can say that this treatment has been the most effective. I no longer experience headaches on a daily basis. It appears that the headaches I do experience are related to changes in the weather. I would highly recommend Chiropractic treatment to other who are plagued by headaches or other types of stubborn and nagging pain.


Name: Joe B.
Hometown: Springfield, IL
I first visited Dr.Holzmacher in November, 2009 after learning that he was offering complimentary consultation to new patients. I had been experiencing persistent and severe pain in my right shoulder and was concerned that I may have to undergo surgery to correct the problem.

Dr. Holzmacher took ample time to explain the results of his assessment, showed me the x-rays and discussed the proposed treatment plan. At first, I saw him 2-3 times a week. Then as my condition steadily improved, and the pain level became noticeably less intense, the treatment sessions were much less frequent. In fact, over the course of the past year, my condition has improved so much that I now have gone from 3 months to 4 months between appointments.

Just as Dr. Holzmacher explained during our initial meetings, my conditions did not get to the painful point it was over night so it would also take time and proper treatment to improve. Today, I very rarely have any pain at all, and the range of motion in my shoulder is back to normal.


Name: Tine K.
Hometown: Decatur, IL
Since being a patient, the greatest (or one of the greatest) things that I appreciate is easy accessibility to get direction from Dr. Rodney if I experience “flair up” ie. Suggested exercises or ice/hot packs versus an office visit. He returns calls in a timely manner and works within my schedule for appointments.


Name: Joan K.
Hometown: Springfield,IL
I started seeing Dr. Holzmacher on the recommendation of my brother, and have had nothing but great experience. After suffering for about a year with what my physician speculated was Bursitis in the hips I consulted Dr. Holzmacher. He treated it as a nerve and muscle problem and I finally got relief from the discomfort.


Name: Bill D.

Hometown: Springfield

When I first came to Dr. Holzmacher I was getting 3 shots in my back each year for the last 2 years for pain. Dr started treating me and within a month the pain was greatly reduced. I would highly recommend Dr. Holzmacher to anyone, which I have.