A look beneath the surface

Your first visit to our chiropractic clinic may or may not involve x-rays, depending on the nature of your discomfort. X-rays can help give a clear picture of what’s happening beneath the surface—literally—and are a primary diagnostic tool in any chiropractic clinic. They can be helpful in helping the doctor to map out a course of treatment. They can also be helpful in showing results once you progress through treatment.

To X-Ray or Not to X-Ray

X-rays are not always necessary but often can be helpful. The chiropractor will determine if you need them, based on your unique aches, pains, discomforts, and concerns. Specifically, x-rays can help the chiropractor rule out more serious issues in the skeletal system, and more precisely pinpoint the root of each problem.

No Separate Trip Necessary

If you do need x-rays, they will be both taken and reviewed right here in our chiropractic clinic.

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Feeling better is great, but actually getting to the root of your pain and then feeling great is the key to a healthy life.
–Dr. Rodney Holzmacher