A chiropractic clinic that pursues treatment at the source

Chiropractic services and treatment is not one-size-fits all, and it’s not a one-trick pony. Our chiropractic clinic offers a variety of approaches to helping you recover from pain and discomfort, whether you’ve been experiencing them for weeks, months, or years.

All of our approaches have one important thing in common: They are meant to find and treat your pain or discomfort at its source, not to merely manage your symptoms. Our diagnostic and therapeutic services include the following:

•    Chiropractic Adjustments
•    Soft Tissue Therapy
•    X-Rays

You may receive one or more of these services in any combination, depending on the issues you’re having. They’re all an important part of our chiropractic clinic’s mission to heal rather than simply manage symptoms.

All too often in today’s healthcare system, we look for a quick fix to cover up our health problems instead of actually treating the cause of the problem itself.

–Dr. Rodney Holzmacher